Why Convert From A Challenge to Monthly Coaching

You've done amazing, you've lost some weight, you're moving better, learned a lot and are feeling better. It's been 6 week of hard work, small changes and having an amazing community of people to support you... So why stop all of it to go back to "normal"?

I think we can all agree, that when we have a good accountability partner, or multiple hopefully, and the right education we are much more likely to succeed.

This is what we see most with why people are successful in our challenges, they are given information, solutions to common problems and most importantly... the support and relationships they need to thrive. 

So, why stop all of those amazing things now that you've had some success?

We don't think of our challenges as the "end all, be all", but rather as a spring board, propelling you towards your long term goals. We are thrilled you decided to sign up and hopefully you hit your short term goals, but what is your plan for your long term ones? How are you going to make sure to keep the weight off and CONTINUE to drive forward with your progress and reach those goals?


This is where we truly benefit our clients, helping them to consistently make small, manageable improvements over a long period of time in order to reach the best version of themselves. As our clients progress they run into new problems, issues and questions. During our challenges we provide as much info as possible and work to empower our participants, but we certainly can't cover it all. This is why we highly recommend that you continue coaching AFTER the challenge is complete. 


So, what does our monthly nutrition program look like and what can you expect?

  1. Constant access to and communication with our coaches and staff for questions, problems or to walk through new ideas
  2. Continued emails throughout the week with recipes, tricks, tips and pertinent educational info to help you on your journey
  3. Personalized education, handouts and graphics that allow you to be successful for your specific lifestyle and needs 
  4. Access to all of the Powell Performance Nutrition Education Video library 
  5. A copy of our Free Powell Performance Mini Cookbook that we can customize off of your preferences. 

Now we know what we'll be getting with monthly coaching, let's walk through the main things that hold people back?

  • Cost - it's human nature to worry about our finances, trust me, we get it. The good news is that monthly coaching will be significantly cheaper than the challenge. Most times with our clients we are looking at a decrease of 40-50% per month compared to the challenge, sometimes more!
  • Time - another common and understandable concern, we want to make sure we can commit to this, give it full effort and really hammer it out. It's easy to do for 6 weeks, but what about 3-4 months from now when the new job, baby or both start taking up more time? These are all common issues we've run into with clients and we often have conversations with them and are able to figure out how to better serve and work with them to solve these concerns. We want what is best for YOU! 
  • Nervous - coaching can seem daunting to some people, and we get it. We aren't the type who are going to be aggressive or over the top, we are simply going to help you figure out the best steps and habits for you to be successful and then help you build from there. 
  • Control / Change - these can be big roadblocks for people. The idea of giving up control, or things changing beyond what we currently know can be challenging and hard to face. The great part about our program and our staff is that we are made up of not only dietitians, strength and life coaches, but also counselors. They provide us with amazing insight and help us to truly connect with, and grow relationships with, our clients and athletes. This is one major difference between us and most of the other people you'll see out there, we want to build change a the deepest levels. 


The long term clients we have worked with over the years have all made incredible leaps and bounds towards their goals and dreams. We truly believe that had they not committed to the process for a long period of time, there is no way they would have made it as far as they have. 


Whether you take the next step to work with us right now, or decide later you need the extra support, education and accountability we just want to thank you for doing our challenge with us and we appreciate each and everyone of you! 

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