PP - Food Spectrum Definition & Handout Sheet

What is a food spectrum? Well, let's step back even further, what is your health spectrum?
This is the idea that we have certain actions, foods or habits that we consider to  either help or hurt our health. Most of us can agree that smoking is bad for us and would be considered a poor habit to have on our spectrum. When it comes to foods however, there are lots of people who argue that different diets or even macros are bad. This significantly changes their spectrum of not only foods, but also their approach and view on health. 
When most people start with us, they have specific foods in mind they want to remove, and others to eat more of. We created this handout with that in mind. 
We highly recommend you use this as a way to plan out what food, or drink, you want to incorporate more and where it fits in your spectrum. 
This may seem trivial for some people, but for the ones who have been restricting themselves of some components of a perfect meal for a long time, this is a great way to introduce some things back into the diet. This is also great for people who have never tried adding things to their diet to increase health and performance. 
As we talk about many times here at PP, we don't need perfection, just gradual progression towards a goal. There is no specific food that is completely off limits, there are just some that we may eat less than others. As you go through your spectrum, make note of the foods that are non-negotiable and are worth waiting for so you can enjoy them at a specific event or with the perfect person or group of people. 
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