On The Go - Meat Bars & Sticks

Whether you are trying to add some protein or just need a delicious healthy snack at hand to make it through your next activity, these meat bars and sticks will fulfill both of those requirements. Here are some of our favorite bars and sticks that come in a variety of meats and flavors that all contain the protein you need without all extra processed ingredients.


Mission Meats Beef Bar


These bars by Mission Meats leave out fillers and other things you don’t want in a meat bar. Using simple and natural ingredients, grass-fed beef and spices, with no added sugar, these are a great addition to your on the go snack rotation. Each bar is individually wrapped so you can stash these in your locker, office, or gym bag for a filling protein (9 grams) boost whenever you need it.


CHOMPS Meat Sticks

These jerky sticks by CHOMPS come in a variety of flavors and meats including turkey, beef and venison. CHOMPS sticks have no added sugar and contain 9-10 grams of protein per stick. Whether you’re busy running from the office to the gym or from school to practice these tasty bars will keep you going. They’re small enough to carry a multiples so slide a few into your gym bag or backpack and set yourself up for the week.


EPIC Meat Strips

If you’re looking to shake up your jerky snacks try these Venison strips by EPIC. This 150 calorie bar packs 13 grams of protein into a convenient, individually wrapped snack. If venison isn’t exactly what you had in mind, try their wild boar or bison bars, or their chicken or beef bars for something a little less exotic.


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