Mindful Eating Journal

We've talked about and defined mindfulness, we've also talked about tracking your macros not always being the best way to be successful with long term habit changing and performance enhancement. So, why keep a journal? 

While we don't think that tracking every single macro is a great tool for everyone, mostly because it's not as accurate as you may think, we do believe that tracking data and emotions can be extremely valuable to your long term success


That's why we are sharing our Mindful Eating Journal with you. This layout allows you to see, and chart, your relationship between emotions and food. If you read our article on triggers and cravings you'll see how specific actions or emotions can trigger a person to eat a certain way. When we notice and name those triggers, we can take better control over them then work to change our actions the next time we encounter that situation. 



As you use this consistently and follow the data, you can start to implement better strategies for where you can improve and what specific triggers are derailing you from your goals and can also be used with our coaching staff to help us determine deficiencies or problems in your diet that we can work together to fix. 


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