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We’ve got all this amazing food in the house and we have a plan… how do we convert that now into IG worthy pictures and hashtags about our new healthy lifestyle?! Here are some of the things we find helpful when beginning meal prepping for the first time:

When you feel overwhelmed, remember the plan!


Watch and learn basic skills on YouTube – as we progress as a staff and company, we’ll do some tutorial videos for basics like chopping, slicing, etc on basic foods to help with prep and add easy links.


For now, here are the YouTube channels and videos we recommend:


The Healthy Pear – based in Ireland and filming from their own farm, restaurant and shop that they own, these identical twin chefs do an amazing job of putting out new content daily. Great easy to watch and learn videos we recommend spending a little time watching some of their huge content library to pick things you enjoy before trying one of their meal videos.


HealthNut Nutrition – This is a great place for true beginners to get involved and try unfamiliar skills. It really breaks down the necessary parts of being successful in the kitchen. We highly recommend her “introductory videos” to help you learn all the basics.


Fit Men Cook – One thing we try to do, besides teach about nutrition, health and performance, is to help you our athletes and clients save money when able. This channel does a great job of all those things. These recipes are ones you can prep in bulk and are not only good for you, but also work to be well priced. Another great part of this channel is that many recipes contain allergy-friendly and vegan-friendly options.


The Domestic Geek – Love leftovers and cooking a few times during the week? This is the channel for you. The hostess does a great job of making food you can eat that night and enjoy for the next few days. Another plus is the collection of  “Healthy Meal Prep Menus.” These allow you to go through and pic some great options and complete them in great time for great taste.


Caitlin Shoemaker – Calling all vegans… or anyone wanting more plant-based recipes, this is a must see channel. Another budget-friendly health mentor, she has great meal prep playlists to bring to work, the gym or school.


Fit Couple Cooks This YouTube channel was once known as “Classy Cookin’ With Chef Stef,” but when Stephanie met Adam, an Australian chef and personal trainer, they rebranded the channel into “Fit Couple Cooks.” Together, they cover all the basics of meal prep times two, with plenty of healthy and affordable options and a focus on protein- and veggie-filled meals. Take a cue from them and grab a friend or significant other for a two-person day of prep, which will add a stress-busting social element into the mix.



Being able to watch these while prepping your food is a GREAT way to learn through practice. For visual or kinesthetic learners, this can be a fantastic way to expand your skill set. Following along as a family, or couple, can also be great bonding time and allow you to teach yourself and your family, significant other or spouse new skills.


Minimum Effective Dose -

Buy the minimum equipment to make your food prep easier. Seems silly, right?


The reason we recommend the minimum is we believe that people should slowly accumulate things as their skills improve. Much like the weekend hobby mechanic doesn’t go stock his garage with thousands of dollars-worth of tools in one weekend. Instead, as projects come up, he learns and purchases more and slowly picks up more tools.


We recommend our clients and athletes do the same thing. While a KitchenAid mixer with 10 attachments has made MY family’s food prep way better, it definitely would NOT have helped college football player or single graduate student Matt’s food prep at all. That guy only needed a slow cooker, skillet, oven, microwave and fridge.


Know your strengths, and enhance them! Know your weaknesses and find ways to improve or mitigate them! Are you great at planning? Then let’s use large scale meal planning and prepping each week.


Fantastic at making quick meals and grilling during the week? Sweet, let’s get you to make enough for 1-2 days at a time so you have extra when things go wrong.


Each person’s situation is different. If you are a person who travels a LOT for work, then your superpower may be your ability to pick the best foods at a convenience store, at the airport, or other places along the way.


Knowing this skill and utilizing your per diem is something you and your coach should talk about. EVERYONE has at least one amazing talent we can utilize to help you find a better version of yourself and help you grow as a person or athlete.


Want more help with Meal prepping skills and places to learn? Click Here to talk with the Powell Performance staff and sign up today.

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