I’m a Level 3 Eater… High Score.. Did I break it?

You are a habit and eating machine. You know what to eat over 90% of the time, you plan ahead, make good decisions and limit “mistakes” that don’t help you reach your goal. You may not be a culinary genius, but you sure know your way around the kitchen and how to put together the right foods to taste good enough to eat and still help you reach your goals. So now that you are mostly good… what next?


These individuals are great candidates for things like competitions, shows and other short-term goals that will allow them to show off how awesome they’ve become and how hard they’ve worked. These may be high level ball sport athletes, or it may be a normal 9-5 working woman who wants to do a figure, bikini or bodybuilding show. The point is that these people have put in the work and set themselves up to do something they love and do it at a high level. They already have the long-term nutrition focus, planning and success to reach most of their goals, now it’s time to really hone in on a few VERY specific goals and go crush them too.


Which habits?


As described above, common Level 3 Habits include:


  1. Perfect Level 1 & 2 habits- Things like limiting mindless eating, eating slower and not missing meals must still be practiced and really perfected at this point. You are tracking your intake and ALSO likely tracking your response to food with an emotion journal and all performance markets are in there as well (workouts, goals, etc)


  1. Maximizing all other aspects of recover- Because nutrition is so dialed in, it becomes even more important to make sure that your other components of recovery are just as dialed in: hydration, sleep, soft tissue work, energy system based recovery, dry needling, cupping, etc. are all great


  1. Working with a coach to learn how to properly peak- If you are going to make the step to really compete at a high level or set a new PR, goal, etc., then it behooves you to do it with someone who has been there before. Here at PP, we know how challenging and daunting it can be and we’ve helped a lot of people get ready for big contest, shows, etc. and we’d love to help you too. Even if you don’t choose us though, it’s important you have the guiding hand of a consummate professional who can help you navigate what can be a very stressful and difficult (but rewarding!) time.


  1. Working with a coach to learn how to Reverse Diet after – Where a lot of people fall off is after they reach their short term goal, they get amazing pictures of crushing whatever competition they came to do and look great! Now, with a lack of goal, motivation or coaching they often put on all the weight they lost and often more. This is very common for gym goers who do “challenges” at gyms and also with people who compete in any aesthetic based sport like figure, bikini or bodybuilding. The important part here is to have a plan for after! Make sure you know how you’ll be eating AFTER you crush your goals to avoid this costly mistake. This is again another time where it would be helpful to have a seasoned coach or staff on your side.


You’re already crushing it! Now it’s time for you to really hone in on specific things and work towards things that you may have never thought possible before. These can be some of the best memories and proud moments you’ll ever experience. Enjoy it, enjoy the process and then the results! Just make sure you know where you are going and what you are doing AFTER!


FAQ’s –

  • What happens if I regress?


    • It’s ok! If life changes or things happen, you just work to regain control of the things you can and stop the regression as quickly as possible This is a great time to have coaches like us to help you with your goals and help get you back to where you want to be through small incremental changes.


Want to figure out your level and then have someone meet you where you currently struggle to start building great habits and skills to be successful? Click Here to talk with our Powell Performance staff.  


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