I’m a Level 2 Eater, Now what?

  1. Alright, so you’ve got some skills cooking, prepping, and planning. You’ve built some good habits and have a decent amount of knowledge with what to eat, how much to eat, etc. So what do you work on now? This is where we can get more specific with you and start making even bigger steps to hone your nutrition in on specific short or long-term goals.


What has made you successful so far is your ability to plan, listen and create daily habits. Guess what? That doesn’t change! Now we simply figure out more things that you can work on and we compound your habits.


Which habits? That will depend on you, but common Level 2 Habits include:


  • Perfect Level 1 habits. Things like limiting mindless eating, eating slower and not missing meals must still be practiced and really perfected at this point. You should be even better at complying with all these things and working towards mastery.


    • Minimize processed food even more – this is something we preach with ALL athletes, but we find that Level 1 eaters are often not quite ready to remove these from their diets. When getting into Level 2 eating it becomes an even bigger focus to make sure more food comes from natural sources. This helps with digestion, hormone balance, and a host of other health implications.


    • Improved meal prep and planning – you have gotten the basics down and now want to take your game to the next level. The best in the business do an amazing job of planning meals and also have back up plans! There are few excuses that can’t be fixed with proper planning. This can include planning for snacks at the office, knowing what restaurants to choose, or what to eat at less than ideal places at when things go sideways, or just doing a better job of meal prepping 1x/week.


      • Keep a food log or journal – tracking what you are eating is an amazing way to help improve your diet even more. We love intuitive eating and people often think that you can’t track intuitive eating, which is not true. You can still prep and plan to eat intuitively by giving yourself options and accepting cravings. However, having a plan in place does not completely limit options, it simply guides you towards the habits you are trying to create. Knowing what each day holds and how you are progressing or regressing is a great way for a high-level eater to improve.


        Working to improve on an already solid base is the next step here and where most of our Level 2 athletes and clients get their best bang for the buck. We work on more specific steps and assist them in focusing on even more specific goals for becoming even better versions of themselves.


        FAQ’s –


        • How do I progress from Level 2 to Level 3?


          • You can go ahead and read our Level 3 Eaters article. As you review the article, you’ll notice the biggest differences are just the small daily habits and how to improve them to reach even higher limits. Most people who reach level 2 hit most of their goals by staying there for a long period of time. Remember that good consistent habits done well usually lead to amazing long term change.
        • What happens if I regress?


          • It’s ok! If changes happen, you just work to regain control of the things you can and stop the regression as quickly as possible This is a great time to have coaches like us to help you with your goals and help get you back to where you want to be through small incremental changes.


        Want to figure out your level and then have someone meet you where you currently struggle to start building great habits and skills to be successful? Click Here to talk with our Powell Performance staff.  

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