DRILL - Know Why You're Eating!

The drill of “Know Why You’re Eating” is to practice the following:

  • Take a second to make sure you know your motivation or trigger for eating

We talked about this previously in our Eat Slowly & Mindfully Drill, but you should take the time before, during and after you eat to, GASP, enjoy your food and to think about the what is driving you to eat it. If you've been working or working out and are suddenly hungry, then it listen to that cue, honor your hunger and eat something. 

If you just got done eating a full meal, are sitting on the couch and suddenly crave something, step back and look at WHY you are hungry. If you think about it, decide it's not due to boredom and it fits your values, then eat! No guilt, no issues, eat it slowly and enjoy. This is not a drill in will power (LINK), but rather about being more aware.

  • Thinking about your intention/reason for eating. While doing this you should ask:
    • Am I eating for physical needs?


- There is a big game coming up and I need to fuel properly. Physical

- While dining out I have decided to get dessert. Not physical

    • Am I eating for psychological needs?


- This bowl of ice cream will make me feel better. Psychological

- Heeding my hunger cues and I decide to eat this specific food. Not psychological 

    • Will I be happier and less anxious with this choice?

- This doesn't need an example and is something only you can answer. Eating for a psychological reason instead of physical IS OK, as long as long term you act on values and have good habits, it won't matter in the long term. For me a good example is birthdays or other celebrations with family, I used to try to be that guy who would have no budge at all, but that made it even more stressful. Now I go in with a plan to have one or two social foods with them. Birthdays I have cake, Thanksgiving I have my piece (or two) of lemon merengue, etc. No longer is there any stress or anxiety, because to me sharing that with my wife, daughter and son is worth it. 


Once you answer these questions, it should make your next steps very clear to you. Each of these should be just a few seconds, but be honest with yourself above all else. 

  • Acknowledging and accepting your motivation, regardless of the reason

We use this drill to help you with awareness of your choices and actions. As we talk about constantly here, we aren’t playing the blame game or creating guilt around choices.


We want to help with people knowing they can make choices and better their relationship with food, while still reaching their goals. We do this thru values based actions, setting goals and improving habits.


This drill improves your understanding of your own biological and psychological needs while also helping you work on your understanding of balance and honoring your values. Remember that after you take the time to know WHY you’re eating, your choice after that is your own and as long as it fits YOUR values based, it is ok.


Give this a try and leave a comment below on how it went! 


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