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Muffins, flapjacks and chocolate are back on the table thanks to Kodiak Cakes’ breakfast line. Here are our favorite breakfasts that you can enjoy in as little as one minute.  Just add hot water to these delicious options from Kodiak Cakes and you’ll have an amazing breakfast as well as satisfy some serious cravings for not-so-healthy traditional breakfast staples.


Kodiak Cakes Muffin Cup

Muffins are a favorite breakfast staple. With this product, it is a great high protein and quality carb source.  Just add water, pop it into the microwave and you have a warm, protein filled muffin cup that you can grab on your way out the door.  Keep things classic with blueberry or cinnamon roll, or try something a little more interesting like their pumpkin dark chocolate or almond poppy seed flavors.  Each cup has 10-12g protein to keep you full and your muffin craving satisfied.

Chocolate Chip Minute MuffinKodiak Cakes Flapjack Cup

These flapjack cups are the key to satisfying your flapjack craving when you don’t have time to mix batter and stand in front of a griddle flipping.  In one minute, you’ll be enjoying these protein filled cups made with 100% whole grains.  Like the muffin cups these also come in a variety of great flavors like s’mores, cinnamon and maple, and even a gluten free buttermilk and maple option.  As a bonus, since you eat these right out of the cup, you can now take a food that doesn’t travel well, anywhere you like.

Chocolate Chip & Maple Flapjack Cup

Kodiak Cakes Instant Oatmeal Packets

This instant oatmeal, which also made our Top 4 Oatmeal Breakfasts, can be ready in as little as one minute, so no excuses on skipping breakfast.  In addition to whole grain oatmeal, pea and milk protein provide you with 12 grams of protein to keep you going. With a variety of flavors like strawberries and cream, maple and brown sugar and even chocolate chip, you’ll never get tired of this protein packed oatmeal.


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