Allergy Free Snacks-Oats

Oats are versatile, easy to prepare and customize, and of course full of valuable nutrients to fuel your day. Whether you enjoy them warm, or a cold overnight version they provide the carb intake you need to power up and a hefty dose of fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer.

Its no secret that we are huge fans of oats here at Powell Performance. By now you've probably read our Allergy Free Snacks-Bars article highlighting some bars containing oats. We even put together a collection of our own 4 Best Oatmeal Recipes from our Powell Performance Cookbook, unfortunately not all of them are allergy free.  For oat lovers avoiding allergens, we have put together this list of allergy friendly oats just for you.


Zego Double Protein Oats

Looking to sneak in some extra protein or make a meal out of oats? Zego's allergy friendly Double Protein Oats have 10g of protein along with 31g of carbs which not only makes it a great pre-practice snack but can also stand alone as a meal.  


Quaker Instant Oats

A trusted brand, packed in a convenient on the go container, and solid flavors make these instant Quaker oats a must have. Easily stored and transported, these cups make for the perfect on the go high carb snack.  Mix with any of these allergy free butters for a protein boost or simply top with fruit. 


Better Oats-Blueberry Muffin

These Better Oats have all the flavor of a blueberry muffin without all the empty calories. Thick cut instant oats are paired with flax seeds and wild blueberries to provide a great source of carbs in a quick manner.  These hearty oats can stand alone or pair them with a meal.

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